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Dear friend, welcome to the Harnas Experience. It is about caring and escaping. It is about sharing and delving into the wonders that make Harnas so unique. Explore its wild nature in all its untouched glory!

Harnas Wildlife Foundation is a place where man and nature get a brief window in time to unify. We can plan, we can calculate and we can rely on experience, but no matter how adept we get with our current environment, we never really know what could come next.

Nature has a way of telling us that the universe is really big and the essence of Harnas lies in always Expecting the Unexpected!

It’s our dream to protect and care for what we respect! We invite you to share, respect, care and love our dream, because you too are part of it.

- The Harnas Team


Visit Harnas Wildlife Foundation in the east of Namibia . The lodge comprises of 8 luxurious en-suite upmarket units and 3 standard units. All privately situated to ensure an unforgettable getaway, with the comfort of our pool and Lapa Restaurant. Great Photographic opportunities and adventurous feeding tours.

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Volunteer / Tourist

Join our experience and help us to protect safe and rescue animals. Working Guest from all ages, places and professions are welcome to join as a normal Voluntourist in a group or as an Exclusive VolunTourist enjoying some of the finer luxuries.

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Rescue & Rehabilitation

Harnas Wildlife Foundation has a commitment towards a cause of the creation and upkeep of safe zones for animals injured or expelled from encroachement environments and the rehabilitation and care of injured animals.

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News & Events:

16/03/2020 -


- Dear Harnas Friends. As for so many businesses, the COVID pandemic has hit us hard financially. We cannot just shut our doors and wait it out. We have the resposibility of feeding hundreds of animals. Our main income is through guests and volunteers visiting the farm. If you cannot visit just yet due to travel restrictions from your government, please consider supporting us through a donation. No amount is too small and will help us tremendously in safeguarding a happy home for all our resident animals. You can donate directly on our bank account (see Support us) or through our GoFundMe account https://www.gofundme.com/f/harnas-wildlife-foundation?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet Stay Safe, stay healthy. Love from us all! ...

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