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A female cheetah and her four cubs were caught in a box-trap on a farm near Gobabis. These cheetahs were identified as problem animals and were to be shot if no alternatives in terms of their removal from the farm could be found. The Harnas Wildlife Foundation stepped in and offered to accommodate the family on a temporary basis while searching for a more permanent solution. With the kind assistance of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, various alternatives of possible release sites were considered until it was decided that the Etosha National Park offered the most viable option.

The five cheetahs arrived in the park accompanied by Harnas staff and a couple of volunteers. With officials of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Nature Conservation as well as representatives of the Park in attendance, the cheetahs were released in the vicinity of Namibia Wildlife Resort’s Okaukuejo camp in the Etosha National Park. Harnas wishes to thank all those involved for their kind cooperation in ensuring the success of this relocation exercise. We also wish the mother and her four cubs all of the best in their new environment.

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