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The following list is one of animals that reside on Harnas permanently and one could expect to see most of them on one's visit. Some animals are wild or free roaming and are only spotted occasionally, some are domestic and roam in and around the lodge and farm house and some animals are in some form of enclosure. To sort them as such would be difficult though, as a lot of the animals on Harnas will pass through all of these categories at one time or the other.

The Harnas family, staff and volunteers add to this list as more species are spotted or arrive on the farm and are in the process of creating a more complete list including birds, reptiles and amphibians. Guests are also welcome to add to this list by reporting their sightings at the Harnas office.


Lion - Leopard - Cheetah - Caracal - African wild dog - Black-backed jackal - Brown hyena - Bat-eared fox - Impala - Duiker - Springbok - Kudu - Eland - Blue wildebeest - Black wildebeest - Gemsbok - Steenbok - Blesbok - Burchell's zebra - Aardvark - African hedgehog - Porcupine - Banded mongoose - Meerkat - Giraffe - Warthog - Chacma baboon - Vervet monkey - Spring hare - Scrub hare - Ground squirrel -

Domestic mammals:

Dog - Cat - Horse - Cattle - Sheep - Goat - Potbelly pig


Ostrich - Francolin - Helmeted guineafowl - Duck - Goose - Yellow-billed hornbill - African Hoopoe - Lilac-breasted roller - Bee-eater - Rosy-faced lovebird - Go-away bird - Spotted eagle-owl - Nightjar - Cape turtle dove - Spotted thick-knee - Blacksmith lapwing - Cape vulture - Tawny eagle - Martial eagle - Yellow-billed kite - Little egret - Fork-tailed drone - Crimson-breasted shrike - Cape crow - Glossy starling - Southern masked weaver -


Leopard tortoise - African python - Boomslang - Cape cobra - Puff adder - Rock monitor - Crocodile -



News & Events:

16/03/2020 -


- To all our guests and volunteers who have made bookings and have fully or partially paid but are unable to come due to the imposed travel ban by governments, Harnas cannot be responsible to make any refunds as this is a case of force majeure. Harnas however will offer the possibility to reschedule your confirmed booking to a later date depending on the course and time od the pandemic and availability. Thank you for your understanding. Let us hope and pray that this pandemic will pass soon and we can get on as normal. ...

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