First days at Harnas - Harnas Wildlife Foundation

We are pleased to welcome you to the Harnas Volunteer Program.

We greatly appreciate your involvement, all your hard work and tireless commitment with our organization and our animals. Thank you so much for your time and for all your efforts in a life-saving dialogue. We know that this program has helped to save and care for animals’ lives.
Tentative Program new arrival volunteers:

Beer table


. Upon arrival at Harnas, volunteers are introduced to the head coordinator and village mom and are shown their accommodation and facilities at our village/units. The first day is a quick introduction, where coordinators give a full background on Harnas Wildlife Foundation, its history, policies and rules, as well as all the guidelines and regulations on how to work and interact with the various animals at Harnas.

. Admin task

. Settle in and unpack.

. Introduction session to the staff and other volunteers.
. Dinner and socializing.


. Breakfast at 07:00 at the village and walking to the farm for 08:00 meeting under the tree at the farm.

. Full introduction training.

. Lunch

. Afternoon tour on the farm area: orientation of the working environment and work areas.

. Dinner and socializing at the Volunteer village.


. Breakfast at the Village at 08:00

. Morning tour: meeting all the animals outside the farm area.

. Church at 11:00 if applicable.

. Lunch

. Team formulation.

. Afternoon: meeting cheetahs and baboons

. Sports and leisure.

. Dinner at the village and socializing.

Mondays & Tuesdays:

. Detailed training on food prep/feeding and cleaning.

From Wednesdays onwards:

Join all activities as team members!

Harnas does things in a certain way for various reasons. You might not always understand why we do it nor might you completely agree with our actions. We have valid reasons for this and will gladly share them with you if you approach us in a civil manner regarding the situation. The best practice however is to leave your ideas of conservation at home and come experience this magnificent place for what it is.

If you have any questions or, if anything is unclear to you, please do not hesitate to ask your coordinator.

What we ask from you:

• Be an animal lover
• Expect the unexpected
• Be out of your box
• Make a difference
• Be yourself, be open-minded and challenge yourself.


News & Events:

16/03/2020 -


- To all our guests and volunteers who have made bookings and have fully or partially paid but are unable to come due to the imposed travel ban by governments, Harnas cannot be responsible to make any refunds as this is a case of force majeure. Harnas however will offer the possibility to reschedule your confirmed booking to a later date depending on the course and time od the pandemic and availability. Thank you for your understanding. Let us hope and pray that this pandemic will pass soon and we can get on as normal. ...

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