Our Staff - Harnas Wildlife Foundation

Staff at Harnas Wildlife Foundation Gobabis

·Marieta van der Merwe - Founder and Owner

·Derek Van Heerden - Managing Director

.Mar-Elaine Venter - Personal Assistant of Managing Director

.Martie Hennies - Assistant of Marieta van der Merwe

.Drikus Venter - Farm Manager

.Michael Prior - Finance

·Tracey Savage - Guest Bookings Agent

.Elmarie Sinclair - Volunteer Bookings Agent

.Shaneel Beukes - Receptionist

·Conrad van Loggerenberg - Exclusive Guest Coordinator

.Tanya Gruhn - Volunteer Head Coordinator

·Bonnita Muller - Volunteer Coordinator

·Eugene Niemann - Tour Guide & Volunteer Coordinator

.Louis Duvenhage - Tour Guide & Volunteer Coordinator

·Grezelda van Wyk - Cheeky Cheetah School Teacher

·Shaun Okerd Dreyer - Maintenance Manager

·Esslen De Vries - Food & Beverage Manager

.Susanna Jones - Housekeeping Supervisor

.Johan Van Schalkwyk - Stock Controller

News & Events:

16/03/2020 -


- To all our guests and volunteers who have made bookings and have fully or partially paid but are unable to come due to the imposed travel ban by governments, Harnas cannot be responsible to make any refunds as this is a case of force majeure. Harnas however will offer the possibility to reschedule your confirmed booking to a later date depending on the course and time od the pandemic and availability. Thank you for your understanding. Let us hope and pray that this pandemic will pass soon and we can get on as normal. ...

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