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The Team:

To enable us to reach our dreams, Harnas Wildlife Foundation has had to employ the skills of many willing hands. With their constant help and support Harnas Wildlife Foundation now boasts a team of local and international experts.

Harnas Wildlife Foundation's management team has the responsibility to oversee all the projects, finance and the general wellbeing of the company.

Then there is the ever-growing volunteer program playing a vital role in achieving the objectives and aims of Harnas. Some come for three weeks and some for three months, regardless, without the volunteers, Harnas Wildlife Foundation would not be what it is today.

News & Events:

28/05/2018 -

Father's Day Special

- Come and celebrate Father's Day on Harnas: book now till 17th June 2018 and receive a 30% discount on all of our guest accommodation for nights 15 -16 and 17th June. Subject to availability. For more info contact bookings@harnas.org ...

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