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The main aim of Harnas Wildlife Foundation with its volunteer programs, its outreach programs and its hospitality services is to generate revenue to take care of our animals and especially the endangered species. By adopting an animal you become personally involved in the bigger picture. Conservation is our main priority and to do so we need your help. Your inset will go towards the care and wellbeing of your chosen animal and its environment, and when possible towards the cost of rehabilitating it in the wild and following its progress.

At Harnas Wildlife Foundation we take our responsibilities serious. Conserving the wild will come to nothing if we cannot educate the next generation to take over from us in the future. We want to leave a lasting legacy and you can help us build that by supporting a San Bushman child. We strongly believe in education as a power, which overcomes unemployment, poverty, social degradation and low life expectancy.

Donations help Harnas Wildlife Foundation to do the work we are good at: saving lives. You can either donate to our general operations or specify a cause. General operations include but are not limited to:

How can you help?

. Donate/sponsor or adopt one of our Cheeky Cheetah Children HARNAS CHILD SUPORT DONATION INFORMATION.pdf

. Making a donation towards a specific cause BANK ACCOUNT INFO.pdf

. Adopting an animal

. Adopting an animal or making a donation in a friend’s name as a gift HARNAS DONATION ADOPTION FORM.pdf

. Visiting us

. Enlisting in our volunteer program

. Buying our merchandise from our shop

. Joining our social media platforms to keep updated with the latest news and sharing it with your friends to spread awareness

News & Events:

16/03/2020 -


- Dear Harnas Friends. As for so many businesses, the COVID pandemic has hit us hard financially. We cannot just shut our doors and wait it out. We have the resposibility of feeding hundreds of animals. Our main income is through guests and volunteers visiting the farm. If you cannot visit just yet due to travel restrictions from your government, please consider supporting us through a donation. No amount is too small and will help us tremendously in safeguarding a happy home for all our resident animals. You can donate directly on our bank account (see Support us) or through our GoFundMe account Stay Safe, stay healthy. Love from us all! ...

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