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The working visa is your entry visa to Namibia and it should be issued prior to arrival in Namibia.

The application procedure to obtain such a working visa can be done through our booking office.

We cannot proceed with a working visa unless a deposit has been paid and we have received proof of your deposit.

Working visas takes approximately 4-6 weeks to finalize. Please make sure that you have submitted all documentation well in advance and make sure that you have paid the deposit.

To apply for the visa, the following must be submitted:

1. Proof of payment

2. Visa application form duly completed and signed

Please complete the first page and the second page A and B and make sure to sign the form at the Bottom on form B.

3. Certified copy of passport. The text of certification needs to be in English!

4. Copy of highest qualification or latest training certificate. Needs to be translated in English by a professional translator.

5. CV or letter of employment.

Once your working visa is ready and finalized on our side and your placement is paid in full, we will send you the working visa by email. Please note that the working visa is not a stamped entry in your passport but on a separate page format. The top section mentions the name of only one volunteer and the bottom page section serve as addendum and includes the names of the other volunteers. The Namibian Department of Home Affairs does visas in this way to save time on issuing separate visas for each individual person. Do not worry if the top section does not mention your specific name, but make sure that your name is mentioned on the second page to ensure that you are included in this group visa.

Please make sure that the working visa is valid for the total duration of your stay in Namibia and not only for the duration of the time you will spend at Harnas.

Please print the document visa and bring it along to Namibia with you.

Only when you arrive at the airport will your passport be endorsed with the Working visa number and necessary stamped entry.

You alone are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for your travel and ensuring that you comply with all laws, regulations and orders of the places you will travel to. Please check with relevant embassies and consulates concerning transit visas and other related travel documents of onward travel through transit countries and South Africa. If we provide assistance or information for any of the above aspects of your travel, we do not release you from your responsibility in respect of these matters. The volunteer is responsible for ensuring that you have a valid passport and all required documentation, vaccinations and travel/medical insurance.

Certain countries also need a departure visa (country of origin) e.g. Israel. Harnas cannot assist with the actual submission of the departure entry but can assist with the arrival-working visa for Namibia. In such case please visit your nearest Local Travel Agent to inform you on departure visa and transit visas.

Harnas reserves the right to immediately cancel the booking of any individual whom does not have a valid working visa prior to his/her arrival and in such case the volunteer will not be entitled to any refund; neither will Harnas be responsible for any additional cost incurred by the volunteer.



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16/03/2020 -


- To all our guests and volunteers who have made bookings and have fully or partially paid but are unable to come due to the imposed travel ban by governments, Harnas cannot be responsible to make any refunds as this is a case of force majeure. Harnas however will offer the possibility to reschedule your confirmed booking to a later date depending on the course and time od the pandemic and availability. Thank you for your understanding. Let us hope and pray that this pandemic will pass soon and we can get on as normal. ...

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